The Brussels International Film Festival, known as the « FIFB », aims to offer a wide audience the discovery of new authors, filmmakers, new countries, new themes from all over the world.

The FIFB also offers a general-interest cinema, free of all themes, open to all genres and resolutely international; while leaving a special place for Belgian cinema, arthouse cinema, genre cinema, documentaries as well as innovative and daring creations.

The FIFB also aims to keep abreast of new trends in technology and digital technology to make them discover the young and the less young public.



The FIFB is:

  • 7 films and 6 short films in international competition
  • 3 documentary feature films in documentary competition
  • 12 films in young talents’ competition
  • 3 competitions: international, documentary, and Cine Youth
  • Horizon: AFRICA
  • A tribute to a personality who has marked the history of world cinema
  • Special out-of-competition film screenings
  • 3 juries: international, documentary and student
  • Cinema Jobs’ Day: Europe’s first trade fair dedicated to the cinema sector
  • Media Day: educational workshops focusing on the distribution and exploitation of a film
  • Theme nights
  • Kids’ Day: a unique opportunity to walk the red-carpet before a film screening, followed by a photo session and animations.
  • An opening ceremony and a closing ceremony, framed by artistic activities and original animations.


Aware of the cultural mix that Brussels offers, proud to be part of such a rich and cosmopolitan population, the Festival supports the promotion of cultural diversity and of living together through a selection of films from five continents. The FIFB is convinced that cinema can be a means of discovery of the other and opening of excellent space for dialogue.


Enabling access to culture to the greatest number of people, the FIFB is an “Accessible Festival” for people with a disability. Technological means such as vélotypie (live captioning), distance interpretation programs, sign language videos, etc., will be made available so that the persons who are deaf or hard of hearing can also take advantage of the projections or follow the exchanges during professional meetings. The FIFB strives to ensure optimal accessibility and thus contribute to a more inclusive society.


The FIFB is anchored in the center of Brussels, where it has been established, and is firmly committed to further development. Since 2015, the FIFB has been investing in the city center by partnering with the UGC, the Cercle de Lorraine, the Egmont Palace, the Bourse, etc.

In 2018, the FIFB intends to reinforce this anchorage in the heart of the city.

The city of Brussels is dynamic, cosmopolitan, multicultural, friendly and young. New pedestrian areas will increase the attractiveness of the various cultural sites, which will be even more convivial. For all these qualities, the Festival intends to continue its collaboration with the heart of the city and its big companies.


Without borders or barriers, the FIFB offers a very eclectic program that makes the Festival accessible to the general public, to the greatest professionals of the cinematic world, and offers the opportunity to promote young talents. Great productions and films with smaller budgets share the poster on the exclusive World, European or Belgian previews.

The magic of cinema also passes by meeting the celebrities, stars who make the cinema of today: actors, directors, producers …

The FIFB rolls out its red carpet for famous guests, celebrities or renowned personalities such as Claude Lelouche, Chris Noth, Eric Serra, Jean Dujardin, Elsa Zilberstein, Stéphanie De Crayencour …


Innovative events, such as the Media Day and Cinema Jobs Day, organized in parallel with the screenings, are youth oriented. They aim to make discover the backstage and the machinery of this field, so exciting but sometimes obscure. These events are the stepping stones for young people who decided to become professionals in the 7th art as they offer opportunities for exceptional encounters with the profession.

The Cine Youth competition offers a showcase for the creations of cinema students, these young talents who will make the cinema of tomorrow. The Kids’ Day is aimed at even younger public and gives them the unique opportunity to walk the red carpet before a film screening, followed by a photo shoot and animations …


The International Film Festival of Brussels is based on several fundamental axes:


The FIFB’s vision will be broadened and more ambitious, all while preserving the main part of its editorial line. The singularity of certain films or filmmakers will always find its place here.

The FIFB will insist on the promotion of new technologies, from education to cinema and the media, to defend a modern cinema, aimed at young generations – filmmakers, art students and audiovisual enthusiasts. Thus, pedagogical days will be proposed in parallel with the program of the Festival.


The FIFB focuses its research primarily on innovative and hard-hitting films. Films by authors who present a vision of the world, another look and who bring the public to a reflection. Also, the international position of the Festival will be assumed by the selection of films from all over the world.

The FIFB has the privilege to collaborate with several correspondents on the five continents of the globe. This collaboration allows to obtain certain unpublished or unexpected cinematographic discoveries that are not distributed in the classic network of the film industry.


The aim of the FIFB is to raise awareness of the different professions and stimulate job creation in the audiovisual sector. To this end, a special Cinema Jobs’ Day is organized. It is intended to facilitate interaction between the professionals and young talents of the 7th art.

The second edition of the Cinema Jobs’ Day took place in 2016 at the Bourse. It proved to be a great success as more than 600 young people attended this very special day and actively participated in the workshops that have been organized by the FIFB. It allowed the public to discover the backstage of the cinema and its many possible trades, from the most classic to the most atypical (decorator, animal trainer, FX makeup, voiceover, etc.). Naturally, the FIFB will organize the third edition this year.


The FIFB places an emphasis on the themes of diversity, especially that of women in the world, the first victim of all wars and conflicts, but also the primary force for reconciliation and the reconstruction of human relationships in a civil society.

The FIFB supports the promotion of cultural diversity and living together through a selection of films from the five continents and is convinced that cinema can be a real means of discovery.


Conscious of the Brussels’ cultural mix, and proud to be part of such a rich and diverse population, the FIFB will adopt the same policy as its city: promoting interculturality, multiculturalism and living together, as well as the artistic choices and the will to integrate the achievements coming from around the world.


The FIFB will highlight the artistic dimension through a partnership that fosters the fusion of several artistic disciplines linked to cinema.

The FIFB will propose partnerships in the framework of joint programs, cultural exchanges and artistic creations for the event.


The FIFB will put in place an important promotional and dissemination mechanism to gain a significant visibility. This impact will obviously reflect the image of Brussels as an international city, its reputation and all its assets, its diversity and its ever-increasing dynamism.




The Media Day brings together a number of practice-oriented cinema and audiovisual workshops, bringing together well-known film professionals around a specific topic. It is aimed at cinema students, young directors or producers, or anyone interested in discovering the mechanisms of the film industry through experience and exchange with industry professionals.

Innovative and promising, Cinema Jobs’ Day is a trade fair dedicated to the cinema and audiovisual industries. It aims to raise awareness of the various fields of cinema, training as well as to connect young people with professionals in the industry (producers, directors, casting directors, make-up artists, etc.). The Jobs Cinema Day is also open to anyone who wants to learn more or contemplate to get involved in this fascinating field!

Kids’ Day:

The cinema is also the universe of rhinestones and glitter, the FIFB wants to offer to the young public a moment of magic cinema.

Kids can pretend to be a mini star!

Kids’ Day offers children and teenagers a unique and exceptional opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of cinema, to live a mini-Cannes Festival, to walk the red-carpet… like a real little star!