Rules and regulations for submission of the film


The Brussels International Film Festival (BRIFF) will take place between the 17–23 November 2018.

Through a rich and diversified program, the Brussels International Film Festival aims to offer to the public an innovative vision and a window to the world. The BRIFF also has as a priority to present the new talents of the international movie industry and to provide film professionals and new creators (directors, screenwriters, actors,) with promotion and visibility. Furthermore, it gives them the opportunity to participate in national and international productions. 


The BRIFF favours the unreleased movies, the European and world Premieres and the new generations of filmmakers. 


The Brussels International Film Festival offers 3 official competitions:

  • International competition (feature and short films)
  • Documentary competition (feature documentary)
  • Young talent competition (films by final-year film students).

1. Awards and prizes 

The FIFB will have the privilege of awarding nominees the following prizes :

  • The Grand Prize of the festival 
  • The Jury Prize 
  • The Prize of the Best Actor  
  • or the Best Actress 
  • The Public’s Prize 
  • The Youth Prize 
  • The Documentary Prize 
  • The Blogger Prize

2. Conditions for registration

In the competition all feature, medium and short films can participate as long as they are completed after the 30 of November 2017.

The films must be Belgian, European or World Premieres.

Format : DCP (Digital Cinema Package) – Registration required via the online form on the website

  • The registration will be validated after reception of the DVD or the Internet link from where the film can be downloaded.
  • The submitted film has to be accompanied by the biography of the director and a synopsis of the film itself.

3. If your film is selected

An additional documentation should be sent :

  • Synopsis in FR and EN (if possible in NL)
  • Press release
  • Poster
  • Promotional leaflet
  • Trailer or internet link to the trailer
  • Film photos in good quality
  • Photos of the Director and the main actor/actress
  • Biography and filmography of the Director.

The films that are not subtitled can be dubbed in French, English and Dutch language.


Subtitles in the selected films:

It is recommended to send a subtitled copy in French or in English. 

Start date for applications:  15 April 2018 
Registration deadline:   30 June 2018 


If your film is selected:

A mail will be sent for this purpose for the selected films.  The results will be published on our website on July the 31st 2018. 

Registration fees:

  • For short films (less than 30 minutes), there is no fee.
  • For fiction films (duration of 60 minutes or more), the registration will be 20 €. 


Shipping costs:

Producers or Directors should cover the shipping costs including any duty and taxes. 


In case of selection and final participation to the Festival the costs of sending the copy are arranged by the sender. However, the return costs are set by the BRIFF. 


The Festival takes in charge for the selected films:

Only the insurance costs during the period of the Festival. 



The Festival invites the producer, director and/or actor of the chosen film for the competition. The duration of the stay is 2 days.  They will be especially invited in press conferences, interviews and meetings with the public after each projection. 



All date and pictures provided will be used in press and publications (magazines, websites…) 


Media and television: 

The copyright owners of the films give the Festival the rights to reproduce photographs, trailers (less that 3 minutes for the feature films and 5 to 10 minutes for the short films) of their films in order to be diffused in the press, TV channels, main webpage of the festival and its social networking. 

Participation in the Festival International du Film de Bruxelles implies the acceptance of the terms of the present Regulation. 

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