Rules and regulations for submission of the film



1. The Brussels International Film Festival (FIFB) will take place from 16 to 22 November 2019.

2. The FIFB’s objective is to offer the public a window on the world through a rich and diversified program, a different vision, a unique perspective. The FIFB also has as a priority to reveal the new talents of international cinema, to ensure visibility for film professionals and new creators (directors, scriptwriters, actors,…).

3. A selection committee appointed by the Festival’s Board of Directors selects the films presented at the Festival. The FIFB favours new productions, European and world premieres as well as cinematographic works made by new generations of filmmakers.

The FIFB proposes 3 official competitions:
– the international competition (feature films and short fiction films);
– the documentary competition (feature documentaries);
– the young talent competition (films made by students in their final year of filmmaking).

4. Conditions of registration for the Festival:
a. Any feature film, medium or short film presented at the Festival must be a Belgian, European or world premiere (at the time of its screening at the FIFB).
b. Registration must be done via the online form available at
c. Registration start date: February 15, 2019.
d. Registration deadline: April 30, 2019.
e. All films must be in O.V. (original version) and subtitled (ideally in French and, in the absence of French subtitles, in English). In case of selection of the film, French and English subtitles must be provided.
f. The registration of a film will only be validated if the applicable registration fees have been paid, namely:
– 10€ for short films (less than 30 minutes);
– 25€ for long films (duration greater than or equal to 60 minutes).
g. The registration will only be taken into account after receipt of the DVD (sent to the following address: 18 rue Camusel – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgique) or the internet link to download/view the film.
h. The film submission must be accompanied by a synopsis and the director’s biography.

5. The prizes of the competitions:
The FIFB will have the privilege of awarding the following prizes to the nominees:
– The Grand Prix of the Festival;
– The Best Director Award;
– The Best Actor Award;
– The Best Actress Award;
– The Digital Innovation Award;
– The Best Young Talent Award;
– The Best Short Film Award;
– The Best Documentary Award;
– The Audience Award.

6. In the event a film is selected at the Festival, a letter is sent to inform the person(s) concerned of the selection.
The following items must be sent to the FIFB office (at the following address: 18 rue Camusel – 1000 Bruxelles – Belgium) and received by the Festival no later than 15 September 2019:
– a synopsis in French and English (if possible in Dutch);
– a press kit (with clear indication of the name of the distributor concerned, the main actors and past or future participation in other festivals and, where applicable, reference to press articles relating to the film);
– a poster;
– a promotional brochure;
– a trailer or link to the trailer;
– photos of the film (in good quality);
– photos of the director and the main actor(s);
– a biography and filmography of the director (in French and English and, if possible, in Dutch);
– a copy of the film in O.V. (original version) with French and English (and, if possible, also Dutch) subtitles in Blu-ray and DCP formats. In the event no French subtitles are available, it is then necessary to provide a file containing the timecoded dialogues of the film in English.

7. Transport costs:
In the event a film is selected at the Festival, the costs of sending the copy (and documentation) to the Festival are at the expense of the sender. However, the Festival will cover the cost of sending the copy back to the sender (after the Festival).

8. Insurance:
The Festival will cover the insurance costs for the duration of the Festival (only for the selected films).

9. Invitations :
In the event of an invitation of one or more member(s) of the film team, official invitations will be sent to the persons concerned. The duration of the stay covered by the Festival will in any case not exceed 2 days (and one night).

10. Publications :
The data and photos provided following the selection of a film will be used in various publications (magazine, flyer, website,…).

11. Media and television:
The film rights holders transfer to the Festival without compensation the right to reproduce photographs, extracts (less than 3 minutes for feature films, 5 to 10 seconds for short films) of their films for distribution in the Festival’s publication, in the press, on television channels, on the Festival’s website and its social networks.

12. Final clause:
Participation in the Festival implies the unconditional acceptance of the terms of these rules.

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