After seven intense days of festival where the FIFB welcomed you to the Hotel Metropole Brussels and the Brussels 44 Center many and many in joy, good humor and conviviality and allowed you to meet great directors and ingenious directors, our closing gala closed the doors of the fifth edition. During this magical evening, the members of the international jury, documentaries and film-youth announced the winners of the prizes under the cup of Benedicte Philippon and Sanae Jamaï, our two mistresses of ceremonies. 

The film-youth jury, chaired by Laurent D’Elia, awarded two prizes this year: “My Planet” by Belgian director Valéry Carnoy and “Bladgoud” by Dutch director Vincent Tilanus. The documentary jury, chaired by Jawad Rhalib, awarded the film “Like One Man” by Eric Bellion with the Best Documentary Director Award and a Special Mention for the characters of the film “Grand H” by Frédérique Buck

For its part, the international jury, chaired by Egyptian director Yousry Nasrallah, rewarded the competitors with the five awards of the international competition. The jury presented two of the competing awards – the Best Director Award and the Best Short Film Award – to Teemu Nikki’s film, “All Inclusive”, recognizing the great talent of the director as well as an original screenplay. 

The Best Actress Award was won by Evelyne Ily with a special mention for Jemima Naomi Nemlin, both mother and daughter in the film “Desrances” by Apolline Traoré. The jury, which mentioned that this was certainly the beginning of a long career in film, was extremely touched by their performance of outstanding accuracy. 

The Best Actor Award went to the two young actors in Yilmaz Arslan’s film “Sandstern”: Roland Kagan Sommer and Markus Eim. The jury pointed out that the film dealt with a difficult theme and that the two young actors had managed to get by brilliantly. 

Finally, the Festival Grand Prix was awarded to the opening film, “You Deserve a Love”, by Hafsia Herzi. Having heard the news that morning, the director hastened to return to Brussels to collect her prize. 

In addition to the awards ceremony, it was the perfect time to share interesting and human conversations with our jury members as well as to discover the film “Barrage” in the Belgian premiere. The film’s director, Laura Schroeder, was happy to take the stage to talk about her film, accompanied by the young actress, Themis Pauwels

The evening continued with a drink and a bit of music, offering the opportunity to meet warmly all together. 

We look forward to seeing you again next year for even more adventures!


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